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Grade 4 Revised Education Resource Manual CD

Grade 4 Revised Education Resource Manual CD
One CD containing the Grade 4 Revised Education Resource Manual to hold a patriotic event in elementary schools or communities, including classroom lessons and teacher resources. The Defense of A Nation: The War of 1812 educational manual has been integrated into the revised edition - 2014.
Our Donation: $15.00 (13.05)
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Founder Louis V. Koerber, Sr. Memorial Fund
Donation - \\\"The Living American Flag\\\"
Donations - \\\"Educational Resources for Teachers and Students\\\"
Founder Louis V. Koerber, Sr. Memorial Fund Donation - \\\"The Living American Flag\\\" Donations - \\\"Educational Resources for Teachers and Students\\\"
50 Dollar Donation - "The American Flag Foundation"
25 Dollar Donation - "The American Flag Foundation"
10 Dollar Donation - \"The American Flag Foundation\"
50 Dollar Donation - "The American Flag Foundation" 25 Dollar Donation - "The American Flag Foundation" 10 Dollar Donation - \"The American Flag Foundation\"

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